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New Mexico 2018 Price List

Elk Hunting
The trophy quality of elk in New Mexico is on par with Arizona and the odds of drawing are better. With an outfitter your odds of drawing an archery tag are 30 – 40 % in the best units in the state. Another advantage is the opportunity to purchase a private land tag through our service. This tag is more expensive but a private land hunt with a guaranteed tag is worth the price. The rifle and muzzleloader tags can be drawn or purchased with an excellent opportunity of harvesting a big bull of the southwest.

Antelope Hunting
Antelope can be hunted rifle or bow with some outstanding trophies taken every year. The odds of drawing a rifle tag average 40% while an archery tag is 100%. Private land guaranteed tags are also available. 

Aoudad Hunting
Our free ranging Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) hunts offer the unique experience for hunters to pursue these sharp-eyed wild sheep. Southwest Outdoors hunts on 120,000 acres of private land managed for trophy Aoudads, some exceeding 30 inches! One on one guiding, food and lodging included. Oryx can be added as a combo hunt at a discounted rate.

Oryx Hunting
​Another unique game animal brought into New Mexico in the1960's, Oryx are hunted much the same way as pronghorn antelope. The terrain is relatively flat making good optics a necessity. We have harvested several Oryx over 40 inches on our private ranch and currently hold the #5 Oryx (SCI) in the world. Aoudad can be added as a combo hunt at a discounted rate.

How to Apply for a Hunting Permit​
We will assist you with your application in Arizona and New Mexico. The deadline for Arizona is February 13, 2018. (The deadline for New Mexico is March 21, 2018).​

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