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Arizona 2018 Price List

Elk Hunting
Arizona is the premiere state in the west for trophy elk with rifle or bow. Our archery clients hunt during the peak of the rut in September with bugling bulls responding to twenty yards on average. Some units give hunters the opportunity at tremendous bulls while others are managed for numbers of elk.

Early rifle / muzzleloader season is truly a trophy hunt of a lifetime. The bulls are still in the peak of the rut with 350+ Boone and Crockett Bulls harvested every year. The draw odds for this hunt are difficult but the bonus point system increases your chances every year. The late season rifle elk hunt has much better draw odds, with 300 class bulls as an average. The elevation for elk hunts ranges from 6000 to 8000 feet in juniper flats to fir / aspen forests. Most of the hunts are by vehicle into the area and then by foot.

Deer Hunting
Southwest Outdoors offers two hunts for mule deer. The first is a rifle hunt on the famous Kaibab plateau, long considered the premier location in the west for trophy bucks. This hunt takes place in November during the peak of the rut north of the Grand Canyon. Our success with bucks in the 180 to 200 class shows the consistency of mature bucks in the region on this outstanding hunt.

Our second deer hunt combines mule deer, coues deer and javelina on an archery hunt taking place in January and August. This private land hunt offers desert surroundings and beautiful weather during the deer rutting season in January. After a full day of hunting enjoy a comfortable stay in our exclusive guest lodge.Tags are over the counter (no draw).

Antelope Hunting
The biggest antelope in the west consistently come out of Arizona and New Mexico as the record books will attest. We offer Arizona rifle and archery hunts in August and September on public and private land. Both rifle and archery offer an opportunity at incredible trophies scoring in 80+ Boone and Crockett. 

Bear Hunting
Our Bear hunts give the hunter a truly unique experience as we do not use dogs, but spot and stalk method with rifle or bow. We scout year around in the best Bear country in the Southwest to pattern Bears as they move to a variety of food sources. We also hunt Bears on our private properties with no outside hunting pressure. Stay at our Lodge and enjoy a true Western experience. No draw required. 

Other Hunts Available
Bighorn sheep, Coues deer and Turkey

How to Apply for a Hunting Permit
We will assist you with your application in Arizona and New Mexico. The deadline for Arizona is February 13, 2018. (The deadline for New Mexico is March 21, 2018).

Arizona Game and Fish Website

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